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Review: Becky Lawerence Set To Release The Inspiring New Single “What Is Life”!

Chart-topping singer-songwriter Becky Lawerence has attracted the attention of listeners through her creative musical style & passion-filled vocals.

Now, Becky is kicking off her 2021 musical campaign with the thoughtfully inspiring single “What Is Life”, which is set to grace the airwaves from March 20th.

This forthcoming release serves as a reminder to focus on life in front of you instead of living for anyone else or putting your dreams on hold for when you feel the time is right, which ultimately can lead to you wishing time away.

Speaking about her upcoming single, Becky said “I was driving home from band practice in 2017 and this chorus dropped into my head. Being a very spiritual person it felt like the universe had given these words to me. They sat for a while until I met Hugh and over the years it became this song. I wanted it to make people stop and look at the world in front of them and to try not to take life for granted.”

Co-writer and producer, Hugh Webber, adds: “although this is our latest released co-write, the chorus is the very first lyric Becky ever shared with me back in 2018, so having that as the centre of this song brings it full circle. The track features some excellent slide guitar and acoustic picking from our beloved Dave Griffin. In addition, I was let loose to fully produce the song myself, allowing us to explore a slightly pop / acoustic country sound.”

The song contains a charmingly catchy instrumental that carries across the emotive nature behind the lyrics & highlights the personally relatable journey that undertones this sublime musical composition.

This track provides listeners with the chance to experience a new side to Becky’s evolving musical style, while still factoring in the heartfelt emotion that we have come to love from this gifted artist.

Becky delivers a beautifully sounding performance that expresses the grand qualities behind her unique vocals & captures the pure spirit behind the natural draw of this divine song.

Until the release of “What Is Life” on March 20th, you can check out Becky’s previous releases on Spotify below.

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