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25 Single Recommendations From February 2021!

During the last few weeks, a number of new ear-catching musical releases have been capturing the attention of music lovers around the globe & finding themselves heading instantly onto our playlists.

In this post, I will be taking a look back at some of those incredible releases from the last month & sharing with you 25 of those must-listen singles from February 2021 that I highly recommend checking out if you haven’t already.

A quick note, there have been so many outstanding singles to have been released this month, so please don’t be mad if you don’t see one of your favourites missing from the list. Now, sit back, relax, & enjoy these single recommendations below.

Taylor Swift – Love Story (Taylor’s Version)

Asher Knight – Alone

Lesley Roy – Maps

Tim Prottey-Jones – Good Life

Jazz Mino – Happiness

UNDREAM & Neoni – Nightmare

Tusse – Voices

Sandro Cavazza & Georgia Ku – Love To Lose

Albina – Tick-Tock

Alan Walker & salem ilese – Fake A Smile

VICTORIA – Imaginary Friend

Caitlin Mae – Those Three Words

Ulrikke – Falling Apart

Georgia Nevada – The Devil Dealt Me You

Elizabeth Gerardi – Colder Than Winter

Klara Hammarström – Beat Of Broken Hearts

Olivia Lane – I Let The Devil In

Eric Saade – Every Minute

Haunter – Iluminate

Dotter – Little Tot

Lauren Hall – Thank You Very Much

Anton Ewald – New Religon

Jacqueline Loor – I Broke My Heart

Charlotte Perri – Still Young

The Mamas – In The Middle

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