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Review: Filmore Releases The Official Video For “Nothing’s Better”!

Country singer-songwriter Filmore has caught the attention of global music lovers through his vibrantly charismatic lyrical creativity & passion-filled vocals.

Recently, Filmore released the official video for the break-up celebration anthem “Nothing’s Better” that features on the debut album ‘State I’m In’ that first graced airwaves during 2020.

This single features a catchy uptempo country musical instrumental that reflects the feel-good atmosphere that surrounds the lyrical aspect of this ear-catching musical piece.

Filmore delivers a character-filled vocal performance that brings the lyrical journey behind the song to life & showcases the vibrancy behind his incredible vocals.

The official video features a variety of narratives that listeners can find ways to personally identify with, which help’s to build a purely natural connection to not only the song but also the visual representation.

You can check out the official video for “Nothing’s Better” below.

Filmore: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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