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Review: ZephyrHillMusic Releases The Brand New Song “Say You’ll Believe”!

UK songwriter ZephyrHillMusic has created ripples throughout the music circuit with his creative style that has caught the attention of musicians & supporters alike.

Zephyr now looks to once again showcase his moving lyrical storytelling with a host of personally inspired tracks that will capture the hearts of music lovers everywhere throughout 2021.

This gifted songwriter has kicked things off with the brand new track “Say You’ll Believe”, which is his first original song to feature on BandCamp.

Speaking about his latest release, ZephyrHillMusic said: “I started writing ‘Say You’ll Believe’ as just an exercise to express more deeper feelings and emotions, but quickly found myself writing about my late Father, and our differences in faith and beliefs.”

“It was written reflecting on when he was terminally ill at the end of a long life and the conversations we had and feelings at that time. We sat with him in the hospital, we read him things, we cried, and sometimes I thought about meeting him again after he was gone, in heaven or somewhere, whatever that means to you?”

“This was encapsulated in the original concept of the song – if you believed what I believed, would that mean we could be together again.⁠ Releasing on the 13th Feb is significant as it’s the anniversary of my Father’s death.”

This latest release contains a sentimentally filled musical instrumental that steadily builds to showcases the emotive nature within the lyrical storytelling of this heartfelt track.

The lyrics contain a number of emotionally moving elements that instantly carry across & form a genuinely natural connection with audiences from the very first listen.

You can check out “Say You’ll Believe” on BandCamp by clicking the link here.

ZephyrHillMusic: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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