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Review: Jacqueline Loor Releases The Brand New Single “I Broke My Heart”!

Upcoming singer-songwriter Jacqueline Loor has caught the attention of music enthusiasts with her charismatically heartfelt lyrical storytelling & mesmerizing vocals.

Now, this gifted artist is looking to capture the hearts of music lovers once again with the heartfelt new single “I Broke My Heart” that centres around the emotions that follow from a string of unhealthy relationships.

This latest release contains a sentimental backing instrumental that carries across the powerfully emotional energy that flows throughout this heart-touching song.

The lyrics contain a variety of raw & intimate elements that have the capability to hit hard on a deeply personal level with listeners from the very first listen.

Jacqueline delivers a moving musical performance that highlights the emotive power behind the song & highlights the delicate textures her vocal tone carries.

You can check out “I Broke My Heart” on Spotify below or purchase on iTunes here.

Jacqueline Loor: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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