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Interview: Paging Doctor Moon Discusses The Upcoming Single “Haunted”!

Paging Doctor Moon are an upcoming band, who look set to capture the hearts of music lovers around the world with their charismatic musical style & vibrantly ear-catching vocals.

Hot of the heels of the success of their debut single “Lost My Body”, Paging Doctor Moon are about to release the brand new single “Haunted” on February 5th & have kindly spoken with Fierce & Fabulous Revolution about their forthcoming track. Check out what they had to say below. 

Hey Paging Doctor Moon, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Can you start by telling the readers a little bit about yourselves?

Kirsten: Hello! Thanks for having us. This is Kirsten, the singer/songwriter for the band.  I started the project in Brooklyn and am currently located in Pittsburgh, PA.

How did the idea to create Paging Doctor Moon come together? 

Kirsten: Paging Doctor Moon came out of my brain over the course of a few years and a lot of trial and error.  I started an indie soul collective called Kirsten and the Pretty People.  We had between 8-16 band members, were constantly playing live shows and released an EP.  When COVID happened, I knew I had to downsize and shift gears.  Two Pretty People, Morgan and Michael, workshopped all of the Paging Doctor Moon songs with me over about six months, we hit the studio, and recorded our album. The name was a different idea – Doctor Moon is a character on Doctor Who (my favorite show).  He’s a therapist that lives in a little girl’s imagination.  She created him to help fix her sadness and fear.  My music does the same thing for me.  I always say that someone smarter than me lives in my brain & writes my lyrics, so I’m Paging Doctor Moon anytime I write a song.

How would you describe your musical style to someone unfamiliar with your music? 

Kirsten: I like to call it grunge soul.  It’s jazzy, a little bit strange, and a lot of fun.  A twelve year old once said, “this is really sad but I LOVE it.”

You are about to release the brand new single “Haunted” on February 5th. How did the idea for this song come together? 

Kirsten: Haunted is about a toxic relationship that you can’t get away from.  You keep going back to it even though you know it is hurting you.  Morgan and I wrote it on the porch in upstate New York when we were recording the album.  

What does this song personally mean to you? 

Kirsten: All of my songs are true stories. I had been seeing someone on and off for over a year, and it was a painful relationship. He was hot and cold, unconsciously leading me on, and I never told him the truth about the depth of my feelings. I lied about how I felt because it was easier than leaving it behind.  Morgan played me chords that she had been working on and the song spilled out in about fifteen minutes. 

If listeners could take anything away from this song, what would you like it to be? 

Kirsten: I always hope that when someone hears my music and relates to the lyrics, that it will help them feel less alone.  So many people allow themselves to stay in bad situations because it is too hard to leave.  I hope to help someone feel understood, and seen.  I want to help my listeners find the space to heal with vulnerability and honesty.

What are some of the things that you enjoy doing in your spare time? 

Kirsten: My only hobbies are roller skating and taking care of about 35 house plants.

If you could possess one superpower, what would you choose & why?

Kirsten: I would like to be understood and to understand.  Misunderstandings are the basis of so many conflicts and I just feel like life would be easier if everything was clearer.  But some days I would just pick flying lmao.

What advice would you offer to someone looking to pursue a career within the music industry? 

Kirsten: Work with people that inspire you to be better.  Be kind to yourself – everyone thinks their opinion on music is the right one, and literally none of them are.  It doesn’t matter what people think about what you’re creating.  30% will love you, 30% will hate you, 30% won’t even acknowledge that you exist, and 10% are reptilians.

Finally, is there a message that you would like to share with the readers of Fierce & Fabulous Revolution?  

Kirsten: Say “I am a bad bitch, way above average, my ass is magic, no you can’t have ittttttt” 3x a day into your mirror and DM me how you feel after a week.  Also, thank you, love you, bye!

You can find “Haunted” on Spotify from February 5th, until then you can find their debut single “Lost My Body” below.

Paging Doctor Moon: Website / Facebook / Instagram.

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