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Review: Joem Releases The Brand New Single “Copper Ground”!

Finnish singer-songwriter Johanna Mäkilä-Manninen aka Joem has been building momentum within the current music scene with her vibrant musical style & ear-catching vocals, which has accumulated over 10,000 streams on Spotify alone.

Joem is now looking to capture the hearts of music lovers once again with the brand new single “Copper Ground”, which centres around taking time to slow down & reflect on the things & people around you before you find yourself reaching breaking point.

This song features an enchanting backing track that reflects the raw-nature within the lyrical components of this heartfelt musical piece, which encourages listeners to feel a natural sense of engagement from the very first listen.

Joem delivers a moving vocal performance that perfectly captures the sincerity behind the lyrical aspect of this stunning track, which help’s to bring the journey behind the song to life while showcasing the unique tone behind her incredible voice.

You can check out “Copper Ground” on Spotify below.

Joem: Website / Facebook / Instagram.

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