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Review: Maria Solheim Releases The Brand New Single “Nordlyset”!

Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK.

Norweigan singer-songwriter Maria Solheim has released the brand new single “Nordlyset” ahead of her participation in the music contest Melodi Grand Prix 2021.

This latest release is a passionately heartfelt ballad that focuses on finding somewhere that you finally feel able to call home. 

The backing track beautifully symbolises the lyrical nature of the song, by featuring a variety of mystic & enchanting elements that bring the spirit behind the song to centre stage for the full duration of this musical piece.

Maria delivers a stunningly beautiful performance that highlights the natural & delicate undertone behind her angelic vocal tone, which help’s to bring the characteristics behind the heartfelt lyrics to life. 

You can check out “Nordlyset” on Spotify below. 

Maria Solheim: Website / Facebook / Instagram.

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