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Review: Raylee Releases The Brand New Single “Hero”!

Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK.

Norweigan musician Raylee has been entertaining listeners around the world with her vibrantly energetic & heartfelt musical style that has reached over 7 million streams on Spotify alone. 

During 2015 & 2020, Raylee competed in Melodi Grand Prix with the songs “Louder” & “Wild”, which won high admiration from critics & fans alike. Now, this gifted artist is set to make her third appearance in the contest with her brand new single “Hero”. 

This latest release is a catchy uptempo pop number that focuses on the feeling of rediscovering your independence & finding a strength you had never known. 

The backing track contains a variety of 80s inspired components that perfectly reflect the passionate nature behind the lyrical aspect of this track, which help to engage your full attention from the very first listen.

Raylee delivers a passion-filled vocal performance that brings the inspiration behind the lyrical journey to life & allows listeners the chance to experience the full energetic spirit that the song possesses. 

If you are looking for a memorable pop track that you could easily listen to for hours on end, then this is going to be the perfect song for you! 

You can check out “Hero” on Spotify below. 

Raylee: Website / Facebook / Instagram.

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