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Review: Adele & Andy Set To Release Their New Single “Misty Eyes”!

Award-winning country duo Adele & Andy have been impressing audiences with their silky-rich tones & lyrical storytelling, which has swiftly led to them receiving over 20,000 streams on Spotify alone.

Adele & Andy are now looking to follow up their recent musical success with the forthcoming single “Misty Eyes” that will be gracing the music scene from January 22nd.

This upcoming track focuses on a young girl, who trades her fairy-tale romance for acceptance after a string of unhealthy relationships.

The single features a catchy backing track that incorporates elements of rock & country together to create a unique musical sound full of natural characteristics.

Adele & Andy deliver a passionately heartfelt performance that brings the raw lyrical spirit behind the song to centre stage & highlights the creative talent that they both possess.

You can pre-order “Misty Eyes” on iTunes & Spotify by clicking here.

Adele & Andy: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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