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Review: Nadia Vaeh Releases The Brand New Single “Christmas Cards”!

Atlanta native Nadia Vaeh has been paving the way through the music scene with her soulful & passionate musical style that has won the hearts from fans from all around the world.

Now, this gifted artist has released the festive single “Christmas Cards”, which is an ode to Christmas traditions & the memories we make with the people who mean a great deal to us.

Upon the release of the single, proceeds will be donated to the organization, Be An Elf, which helps answer letters to Santa for families in need.

Nadia explained “I am going to adopt some letters with proceeds from this song and hope this could be a fun holiday tradition for many of us.”

This latest release features a meaningful festive backing track that emphasises on the sentimental nature that comes from creating memories with the people we love the most.

The lyrics include several emotional moments that can create a personal & heartfelt connection with audiences from the very first listen, which help’s to show the raw-individual creativity that this talented musician possesses.

Nadia delivers a moving vocal performance that highlights the tender beauty within her soulful voice & showcases the fundamental nature behind the lyrical journey of this musical piece.

You can check out “Christmas Cards” on Spotify below.





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