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Fierce & Fabulous Revolution 100 Song Recommendations From 2020 – Part One!

As we head towards the final few weeks of the year, it’s time to venture back through some of the incredible musical releases from the past 12 months & share with you a few of my personal favourites.

In this series, I will be sharing with you 100 songs that have ventured onto the music scene during 2020, which I believe you should be checking out if you haven’t fallen in love with them already.

Please note, this is just my opinion & sadly not every song could be included on this list so please don’t be mad if you can’t find your favourites listed. Also, only songs released during 2020 will be featured on this list, so any songs released before then have not been included.

So let’s start this off with the first set of songs to feature on Fierce & Fabulous Revolution’s 100 song recommendations from the past year. 

Ava Max – Take You To Hell

Kayla Ruby – This House Is Haunted

Niki DeMar – Bite Of Me

Janet Devlin – Away With The Fairies

Mandy McMillan – Haven’t We All Been

Amsi – I Don’t Want To Be Here

ÊMIA – Needy Desperate Manic

Jazz Mino – Part Of This

Karelll – At Least We’ve Tried

Charlotte Lawrence – Joke’s On You

Little Mix – Gloves Up

Tika – I Let My Heart Break

Chloe Adams – Jail Time

Jonas Brothers – What A Man Gotta Do

Chrissy – If You Love Me

Charlie Gillespie – Unsaid Emily

Dua Lipa – Physical

Louis Tomlinson – Walls

Kären McCormick – Heartbroken Girls

Lauren Hall – Just Like I Knew

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