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Review: Charity Stow Releases The Brand New Single “Wake Up”!

Photo Credit Sunny Wong.

Upcoming Nottingham based singer-songwriter Charity Stow has just released the brand new single titled “Wake Up”.

Speaking about her latest single, Charity said “I wrote ‘Wake Up’ about a year ago and the meaning of the song has morphed for me and I think, has only got more important to me. It’s about trying to get through to those who don’t see things the same way as you do, about positive change, and how that that is something we should all want!”

This latest single features a sensuous indie-folk influenced backing track that reflects the passionate nature within the lyrics & presents this artist with the opportunity to deliver a vocal performance that symbolically echoes the lyrical journey behind the song.

The song contains a variety of compelling lyrical aspects that have the capability to interact with listeners emotions from the very first listen & connect with audiences on more of a personal level.

I believe that Charity possesses a passionately creative musical talent that is full of moving & soulful components. It would be no surprise to me to see her creating a huge buzz within the music scene within the near future.

You can check out “Wake Up” on Spotify below.





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