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Review: Cardboard Rocketship Release Dual Singles Via ‘Cardboard Christmas’!

Brooklyn-based folk group Cardboard Rocketship is looking to have a “Cardboard Christmas” by publishing two new singles in the form of the brand new original “February” & cover of “Please Come Home for Christmas”.

Speaking about their new original single, Tallie said “We wrote ‘February’ in 2019, when celebrating the holidays meant gathering in groups and celebrating with your people. Things obviously look very different this year, and celebrations aren’t possible for a lot of us, but we wanted to give everyone a bit of hope and joy and a reminder that the holiday season can still be a time for love and peace.”

These latest singles highlight their vibrant & charismatic musical style by delivering two substantial musical arrangements that are full of entertainingly ear-catching elements that instantly apprehend your complete attention.

“February” features a festively characteristic filled folk backing track that captures the unique nature behind the lyrics & showcases the original qualities behind this group. While “Please Come Home For Christmas” contains more of a relaxed & soulful energy that help’s to highlight the distinct vocal nature that this group possess.

This group possess a unique musical versatility that is full of natural harmonies & passionate lyrical storytelling that can bring a sense of joyous moment onto listeners playlists.

You can check out “Cardboard Christmas” on Spotify below.





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