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Review: Joey Clarkson Set To Release The Heartfelt New Single “December” & Open’s Submissions For Official Music Video!

Candian-born country singer-songwriter Joey Clarkson has been creating a substantial influence within the music scene with her soothing-angelic vocals & passionately-heartfelt lyrical creativity, which has gained the attention of fans from across the globe.

During the last year, Joey has released a variety of emotional tracks that have reached elevated heights throughout several charts & attracted exceptional praise from fans & critics alike.

Joey now looks set to capture the hearts of listeners once again with the forthcoming heartwarming single “December” that will be released on the 11th December.

This upcoming release was inspired by the travel restrictions caused throughout the COVID-19 pandemic & pays tribute to an alternate reality in which everyone can travel home for the holidays.

Along with the forthcoming single, Joey is also looking for fans to get involved in the official video by inviting them to film short videos of themselves holding written messages for their loved ones who they would be visiting this December if it wasn’t for the pandemic. You can find out more about submitting a video by clicking here.

Speaking about her upcoming single release, Joey said: “‘December’ was written the day I came to terms with the fact that I would be unable to see my family this year, and that I would be unable to attend one of my best friend’s weddings. Rather than writing about this heartbreaking reality, I decided to approach this song from the perspective of what it would feel like if I were able to come home for the holidays.”  

“We want to use videos of our friends, family, and listeners, holding up clearly written signs to their loved ones. We want this song, and it’s music video, to belong to everyone, not just us.”

Joey continued, “Since putting a call out for music video submissions, I have had people reach out from countries across the world; Austria, Canada, Switzerland, Slovenia, The Philippines, the USA and UK, to name a few. I am so excited to put everyone’s messages together, and to release what I’m sure is going to be an incredibly poignant and moving music video”. 

The forthcoming single features a comforting country backing track that wonderfully echoes the raw-sincerity behind the lyrical aspect of this beautifully moving musical piece.

Joey delivers a passionately moving performance that highlights the natural undertone behind her characteristically soulful vocals & showcases the passionate nature behind this incredible upcoming release.

Until the release, you can find Joey’s previous releases on Spotify below.






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