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Review: Gilbert Gauci Releases The Debut Single “Breathe”!

Upcoming Maltese singer-songwriter Gilbert Gauci has released emotionally moving debut single titled “Breathe”!

This debut release focuses on the heartbreaking emotions you experience when you come to the realisation that you need to walk away from somebody who had once held a special place within your heart.

The song features a soulful harmony that exquisitely displays the sensitive & warmhearted elements behind the lyrical aspect of this ear-catching track.

Gilbert delivers a passionately moving vocal performance that beautifully reflects the raw-delicacy within the lyrics, which enables listeners to feel the natural-emotive energy behind the song from the very first listen.

This single creates a solid musical foundation that showcases the passionate musical creativity behind this gifted musician along with the captivating vocal range that he possesses.

You can check out the official video for “Breathe” below & on Spotify by clicking here.



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