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Review: Ryleigh Madison Set To Release Her Upcoming Debut Single “Stranger”!

Ryleigh Madison is a 14-year-old upcoming musician who will be releasing her debut single “Stranger” on November 20th 2020.

Speaking about her upcoming release, Ryleigh said “‘Stranger’ expresses that feeling everyone has felt when you get out of a relationship and discover your ex is moving on a lot faster than you and trying to forget the past they had with you.”

She continued “‘Stranger’ has helped me through a lot of confusing times and it has really helped me express my feelings in a way others can relate to. Even though the song wasn’t written by me, it was written by my uncle Dustin Chapman, I have an indescribable connection with this song. He has such a huge talent of putting himself in the point of view of the character in the song and pouring out such heart piercing lyrics and that allowed me to fully connect and perform the lyrics to this song to the best of my ability.”

This upcoming release features a moving country backing track that exquisitely reflects the heartfelt lyrical aspect behind this ear-catching single.

The song features a variety of emotionally filled lyrical moments that allow listeners the opportunity to undergo a musical experience that can easily capture your full attention.

Ryleigh delivers a sensational vocal performance that brings the sentimental nature behind the lyrics to life & highlights the delicate angelic textures behind her sublime voice.

I believe that Ryleigh possesses a unique vocal gift that has the capability of guiding her to great heights within the country music scene. I know that this only the start of great things to come for this gifted artist.

You can pre-save “Stranger” by clicking the link here.



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