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Review: Liberty Butterworth Releases The Brand New Single “Another Day In Paradise”!

Liberty Butterworth is a London based rising singer-songwriter originally from Cambridge, who has been making a name for herself within the current music scene with her creatively unique & personal musical style.

Now, this gifted artist is following up from the recent success of singles such as “Golden Days” & “Who Are We” with the brand new song titled “Another Day In Paradise”.

Speaking about her latest release, Liberty said “Another Day In Paradise was written during lockdown when everything felt quite unsure and different. The song for me highlights both the dull routine and the subtle beauty in everyday life. I was questioning a lot of things and had a lot of time to think during the lockdown so It was comforting for me to put my thoughts into a song at the time and helped me realise the importance of what I’ve got. Musically I tried to recreate a sound that could be associated with paradise; ideal for day dreaming!”

This latest release is a mesmerising ballad that is full of heartfelt lyrics & sentimental tones that can connect with each of us on a truly genuine level.

Liberty delivers a moving vocal performance that brings the lyrical journey behind the song to life while highlighting the delicate tenderness within her angelic voice, which enables listeners with the opportunity to see more from the artist behind the music.

This song showcases the natural artistic nature behind this talented artist by featuring elements of pure originality that instantly capture your full attention.

You can check out “Another Day In Paradise” on Spotify below.




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