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Review: Lauren & Ewan Collins Join Forces To Release The Brand New Single “Clouds Over Me”!

Upcoming New Zealand born singer-songwriter Lauren Collins has teamed-up alongside her producer & composer brother Ewan to release the brand new single “Clouds Over Me”!

This latest release focuses on the moment you start taking control of your reality & becoming the ray of light while fighting through the storms that come across your way.

The backing track features a mid-tempo melody that infuses elements of contemporary pop melodies & electronic-techno beats to create an ear-catching rhythm that can capture your complete attention.

Each lyric is a fair representation to the message that Lauren & Ewan are aiming to project to listeners throughout this extraordinary musical display, & captures the energetic spirit that comes from the emotions of finding sparks of joy in the gloomiest moments.

Lauren delivers a stunning vocal display that beautifully reflects the vibrant essence that features within the lyrics, & help’s to bring the journey behind the song to centre stage.

I believe that Lauren & Ewan have combined their distinct musical abilities to create a song that has the ability to create a genuine buzz on the music scene & it would not be a surprise to see this song making an impact very shortly.

You can check out “Clouds Over Me” on Spotify below.

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