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Review & Interview: Björta Releases The Brand New Single “Masquerade”!

One of the most sparkling & glamorous artist’s of our time, cabaret star Björta has just released the brand new single titled “Masquerade”!

Björn Törnblom is a former ballroom dancer, who has become known for appearing on the Swedish version of Strictly Come dancing, ”Let’s Dance”. Björta was born 2016 when Björn was organizing a gatsby show in Montenegro and needed a host for the evening. Björta became a marvellous success and has continued performing since.

This gifted star has spent the last four years touring around with the dance company “Move your feet”, been one of the performing characters in the show “Queen of fucking everything” alongside Jonas Gardell, and played the role as Mercedes in the musical “La cage aux Folles”.

Now, Björta has released this brand new single & has kindly taken the time to answer a few questions.

When did you first discover your love for music & performing?

Björta: I have loved singing and performing as long as I can remember. I used to be a ballroom dancer since I was seven years old, so I didn’t have much time for performing art until 2003. Then I was recruited as a showartist at Sunwing. From there it took off. My character Björta was born in 2016 when I was organizing a Gatsby show in Montenegro and needed a host for the evening. Björta then became a success.

How would you describe your musical style to someone unfamiliar with your music?

Björta: Björta is an old-fashioned showman. His music has been old swedish schlager and songs from classical musicals. Often with new lyrics to suit the occations where he performs. His music normaly has funny lyrics and his show numbers and outfits are very colourful and glamourus.

The song Masquerade is an uptempo pop/eurodisco/schlager that has been written and produced by the Swedish team Ylva & Linda, Jonas Lindau, & Mats Larsson.

The message of the song is about passion for music, desires and the life in showbiz, but also about the times we are in with Corona and the music industry, “the curtain is falling” like in the lyrics. How to keep going, how to stay behind the mask and create magic!

Ylva & Linda have taken the time to speak with Fierce & Fabulous Revolution about the songs creation, along with working alongside Björta.

How did the idea to create the song come together?

Ylva & Linda: The idea to Masquerade came through the Swedish composers Jonas Lindau and Björn Törnblom and they sent it to Ylva & Linda to join in as cowriters, add melody and lyrics. When Björta heard the song he felt it was immediately his style and some adjustments were made in melody, lyrics and production by the team, to create the final product that is being released on October 30th on all platforms. Although Björta is a very experienced artist, it is his first single release and its also the first cooperation in this team of 5 that will hopefully result in many more.

What message would you like listeners to take away from this song?

Ylva & Linda: This song is a powerful uptempo schlager/pop song with the message to stay strong to your passions and desires, keep going in these difficult times of showbiz and still create magic where it’s possible! Quote from lyrics: “The curtain is falling, my destiny’s calling, go down in flames”.

This latest single is an ear-catching up-tempo number that brings a vibrant & feel-good energy that instantly captures your full attention, which will leave you craving more.

Björta delivers a sublime vocal performance that perfectly captures the raw-energetic undertone, which presents listeners with a golden opportunity to connect with the empowering message behind the song.

If you are looking for an energetic pop number that will leave you with a feel-good vibe for hours on end, well, this is going to be the perfect song for you!

You can check out “Masquerade” below or on Spotify by clicking here.

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