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Review: Kayla Ruby Releases The Brand New Single “This House Is Haunted”!

Upcoming country singer-songwriter Kayla Ruby has released the eerie new single titled “This House Is Haunted”!

Born in Texas, and raised in Colorado, Kayla has been creating a name for herself within the current country scene with her powerhouse vocals & heartfelt lyrical creativity.

Now, this talented artist has released a touching new track that focuses on the aftermath of somebody special walking out of your life for good.

This latest single features a haunting melody that symbolically flows alongside the emotional energy that the lyrics possess, which enables listeners to feel a truly magical connection from the very first listen.

The lyrics feature a variety of elements that instantly pull at your heartstrings & carries you through an enchanting musical journey that you want to experience more than once.

Kayla delivers a sensational performance that brings the raw spirit behind the lyrics to life & showcases the angelic vocals that she controls.

This song features a variety of genuinely moving elements that directly connect with you within the first 30 seconds of your first listen. I would not be surprised to see this phenomenal track creating tremendous waves very shortly.

You can check out “This House Is Haunted” on Spotify below.





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