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Review: Jacqueline Loor & Will Evans Team-up To Release The Brand New Single “Just Let Me Breathe”!

Upcoming alternative-pop artist Jacqueline Loor has teamed-up alongside Austin based artist and producer Will Evans, to release the brand new single “Just Let Me Breathe”.

Originally from Miami, Fl, Jacqueline is now living in Tenerife, Spain, & has been generating waves within the music scene with the magical combination of her enchantingly haunting voice & unique emotional sound.

Speaking about her latest release, Jacqueline said “People feel so much pressure on a daily basis from society, family, and friends to be someone they want them to be, and it is suffocating,”

She continued “The older I get the more free I have become of all of that, but it’s not easy to be true to who I am when it’s hard to just breathe. I hope this song empowers people to be who they really are and not fall into the pressures from everyone around them.”

The haunting melody creates a firm foundation for Jacqueline & Will to deliver a stunning vocal performance that brings the emotional spirit behind the song to life.

Both of these artists deliver a sublime vocal display that captures the emotive spirit behind the lyrics, & presents an opportunity for listeners to take a moving & empowering musical journey throughout the full duration of this song.

I believe that this latest release highlights the raw & passionate creativity that both of these incredible artists possess. The way that Jacqueline & Will infuse their disinctive musical techniques to create a track that contains a instant memorable factor, is a strong statement to their unqiue talents.

You can check out “Just Let Me Breathe” on Spotify below.

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