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Premiere: Molly Lovette Releases The Official Video For “One Woman Show”!

With over half a million views already on Spotify, rising country singer-songwriter Molly Lovette has firmly been creating a name for herself within the current music scene with her astounding combination of relatable lyrics & delightful sound. 

Molly is a St. Louis native, who grew up surrounded by a close-knit family with a heartfelt enthusiasm for music. She took piano lessons at a young age and in high school was taught how to play the guitar by her dad. It turns out, learning guitar was the inspiration she needed to start writing her own music and hasn’t stopped since.

Recently Molly has generated a substantial buzz within the country scene with the ear-catching single “One Woman Show”, which has received a large number of positive support from fans & critics alike.

Following on from the single release, Molly has kindly given Fierce & Fabulous Revolution the chance to premiere the official video for this incredible track. 

To coincide with the release of the official video, Molly has kindly answered a few questions I have sent her way regarding the song & the drive behind the official video.

How did the idea to create the song “One Woman Show” come together?

Molly: The message of “One Woman Show” was one that I was wanting to get out for a long time. I grew up going to an all-girl high school where I was always taught independence – I’m all about the girl power/female empowerment. As I was beginning this whole musical journey (leaving school, playing shows every weekend, etc.) I needed to remind myself that I was going to be okay and everything would work out. The phrase “One Woman Show” came to me after months of people asking me about my relationship status, I thought to myself “I don’t need anyone right now. I’m focusing on me. I’m a One Woman Show.” Once I had that phrase, I couldn’t stop writing! I wrote a lot of the lyrics first and then played around on my guitar and put them to music. 

What does the song personally mean to you?

Molly: This song means so much to me – it is one of my favorite songs that I have written. And although I wrote this song especially to shed some positivity to my fans, this was also a song that I really needed to write for myself. We all can use the reminder to “pick up our crowns” and “enjoy our shine.”  

What message would you like listeners to takeaway from the song?

Molly: I think this song speaks to every little girl who looks up to women as role models and sees them making their own path. It belongs to all the single mothers out there trying to raise children and provide for their home. It belongs to the woman in corporate America trying to make her way up the ladder on her knowledge and grit. It belongs to every female athlete that’s ever stepped onto a diamond, court, or field and had to perform to the top of their ability. And it is truly a message to every woman at any age that you have to “take some time to find your shine.” Each and every one of us deserves that. 

How did you come up with the idea to create the concept behind the music video? 

Molly: I wanted this video to showcase both sides of me – the confident performer with fans surrounding her, and the unseasoned, hopeful girl with big dreams. Crazily enough, Lauren Hayes (Lauren Hayes Media) and I had the same kind of idea for the video, beginning with me performing alone and building up to a full band and crowd, and then back to me alone on stage – a One Woman Show. 

What does the official video mean to you? 

Molly: This is my first music video that I have released and it feels so good! I was able to incorporate friends and family into the video, and even shot it in my high school’s theater where I spent most of my high school years performing – a full circle moment. This song is so special to me, and I think the video captures its essence perfectly. 

You can check out the official video below.





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