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Review: Sabine Kerssemakers & Adam Hogg Release The Brand New Single “Standing There”!

Upcoming Shropshire based singer-songwriter Sabine Kerssemakers has teamed-up alongside Northamptonshire based musician Adam Hogg, to release the brand new single “Standing There”!

This latest release is a heartfelt ballad that channels elements of indie, folk, & country to create a spellbindingly enchanting track that captures the genuine emotion that travels within the lyrical journey behind the song.

The calming qualities that the backing track maintains help’s to lay a substantial foundation for Sabine to deliver a pure & heartwarming vocal performance that beautifully resembles the delicate intensity that the lyrics possess.

I believe that Sabine & Adam have created a piece of pure musical artistry that highlights each musicians individual & esteemed creative talents.
It’s highly unlikely that I will be the only person hoping to hear more collaborations from these two in the future.

You can check out “Standing There” on Spotify below.

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