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Review: Bri Releases The Brand New Single “Burying”!

Upcoming Offaly (now Dublin based) indie singer-songwriter Bri is following on from the success of singles “Low Supply” & “Polite” with the release of the emotionally moving track “Burying”.

Speaking about this latest release, Bri said “Burying expresses the need to break away whether from the media, the news or an unhealthy relationship. It is a dance between strength and weakness depending on how it is perceived.”

She continued “I relate to the song now more than ever. There is a divide in the world that I don’t want to be a part of. I recorded the vocals from home during the peak of lock-down. The song was later brought to life by my producer Asta Kalapa and guitarist Aidan Mulloy, who also played bass on this track.”

The song features a delicately frail backing track that gracefully incorporates the heartfelt & touching elements that feature deep within the lyrical aspect behind the single.

Bri delivers an angelic vocal performance that not only showcases the heartwarming qualities that her voice possesses, but also help’s to carry across the raw & sincere message that the lyrics hold, which enables listeners to feel a genuine connection from the very first listen.

The official video is incredibly symbolic to the lyrical aspect behind the song & allows listeners the opportunity to be guided through a musical journey that you will want to experience more than once.

I believe that Bri has an exciting & adventurous musical career ahead, & I honestly can’t wait to see what is in store for this naturally gifted musical talent.

You can check out the official video for “Burying” below.




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