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Review: Lucy Shaw Releases The Brand New Single “Wingman”!

Lucy shaw is an upcoming singer-songwriter from the Midlands, UK, who has just released her brand new single called “Wingman”!

Speaking about her latest release, Lucy said “Wingman is a heartwarming yet fun and uplifting track about that one person who is always there when you need them.”

She continued “I was inspired to write the track after meeting one of my best friends on our first day at the University of Liverpool. We lived together in freshers and have been inseparable ever since. She’s that one person I can always rely on – any time day or night. She knows how to make me laugh the loudest, has always been so supportive of me & I’m just so lucky to have found true friendship through her. I think it’s important everyone has that one special person in their lives & I really want ‘Wingman’ to be a shoutout to all those we hold closest in our hearts – because they’re the best kind of people.”

This single features a catchy uptempo-folk/Americana backing track that perfectly reflects the raw nature behind the lyrics, which enables this talented performer to deliver a heartwarming vocal performance that showcases the natural & delicate tones behind her incredible voice.

The way that Lucy vocally performs her latest single allows listeners a chance, to instantly connect with the heartfelt lyrical aspect behind the song, by building a musical foundation that all of us can connect with on a meaningful level.

The lyrics will guide you through a captivating musical journey, which resembles not only the inspiration behind the song but also reflects Lucy’s unique musical style.

You can check out “Wingman” on Spotify below.





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