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Review: Tallie Gabriel Releases The Debut Solo EP ‘Little Death’!

Ethereal singer/songwriter and cellist Tallie Gabriel has released her debut solo EP titled ‘Little Death’ that features a collection of emotive tracks inspired by the aftermath & reflection of a break-up.

This EP was written by Tallie ,produced, mixed, and masted by Julian Giaimo and features Tallie Gabriel on cello, Halsey Harkins and Julian Giamo on keys, and Catherine Hardy and Halsey Harkins on background vocals.

Speaking about her latest release, Tallie said “The name ‘Little Death’ comes from an idea my mother told me when I called her once, wildly heartbroken: a breakup the closest thing to the death of a loved one that humans experience. Someone is in your world, and then they’re not, or at the very least, a new version of them is. The relationship you shared has died, so it’s no wonder that we mourn lost loves so deeply.”

She continues “It’s also a cheeky play on the French phrase pe-t mort… I’ll let you look up what
that means.”

This latest release features five tracks that cover the emotional rollercoaster that comes from falling for someone who ultimately ends up breaking your heart.

Each song symbolises a distinguished part of when our hearts face a mixture of sensations within a life-changing period of time, by featuring raw elements that incorporate alongside the heartfelt delicacy behind the lyrics, which help to convey the main inspiration behind each & every track.

Tallie delivers a passionate vocal performance that perfectly reflects the tenderness & vulnerability behind the EP, along with showcasing the captivating qualities that feature within her sublime voice.

This EP has presented this artist with the chance to produce a stunning musical display that features the heartwarming qualities to relate with listeners on a sincere personal level from the very first listen.
I believe that Tallie features an artistic gift that carries the ability to connect with large numbers of audiences across the world & I would not be surprised to see this talented musician creating an impact in the near future.

You can check out the full EP on Spotify below.

Website: http://www.talliegabriel.com/music

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tallieheaux/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-A2io2uNlaT5LuysOtnFOQ?view_as=subscriber

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