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Review: Antony Cull & Becky Lawrence Releases The Brand New Single “Find Your Fortune”!

Electronic Music Artist & producer Antony Cull has teamed-up alongside country music star Becky Lawerence to release the brand new single “Find Your Fortune”!

Speaking about their latest release, Becky said: “I loved working on this single with Antony. It feels good to do something completely different and possibly unexpected!”

This single is an energetic synthpop record that contains elements of a country twist that focuses on the different avenues that musicians will pursue so they can transform their musical dreams into a reality.

Becky delivers an incredible vocal performance that brings the strength behind the lyrics to life & perfectly resembles the energy behind the backing track. 

This song showcases Antony & Becky’s unique musical styles while displaying a new side to their ever-evolving artistic characteristics, which enables audiences to see more from the artists behind the music. 

You can check out the song on Spotify below. 

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