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Review: Raihanna Estrada Releases The Brand New Single “June”!

Upcoming country singer-songwriter Raihanna Estrada has released the brand new single “June”.

This future release is a catchy upbeat country track that takes you on a nostalgic journey through past summer memories that you desire to relive.

The song features an ear-catching country backing track that beautifully reflects the raw-heartfelt energy within Raihanna’s vocals & allows her the opportunity to deliver a sentimental performance that listeners will easily adore.

The lyrics project a reminiscent essence that highlights the delicacy behind this artist’s naturally stunning voice, which help’s to bring the energy behind the song to life.

In my opinion, Raihanna has created a musical piece that has the capability of reaching great heights within the country music scene & I would not be surprised to see this song making an exhilarating impact soon.





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