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Review: Kelsey Bovey Releases The Brand New Single “Magnetic”!

Kelsey Bovey is a Bristol-based upcoming country music musician, who has just released her brand new single “Magnetic”!

Speaking about her latest release, Kelsey said “Magnetic is a spontaneous love song that I feel everyone has experienced once in their life and sharing the reasons behind your feelings for that someone special. This came from a place of uncertainty when you start a relationship and you find the person that is right for you but scared of falling in too deep because you’ve been hurt before”.

This latest release is a charming mid-tempo country-pop number that perfectly reflects the dual emotions of falling for someone, but being afraid of letting them see your vulnerable side.

Kelsey delivers a vocal performance that beautifully highlights the heartfelt energy behind the song & presents her with a golden opportunity to express the creative spirit that she possesses.

This song perfectly highlights the delicate tones that feature within Kelsey’s stunning vocals & allows her the chance to bring a performance that projects the purity behind her angelic voice.

Check out “Magnetic” on Spotify below.




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