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Review: Joey Clarkson & Louise Parker Join Forces On Upcoming Single “If You Want Me To”!

Canadian country music sensation Joey Clarkson has joined forces alongside British country star Louise Parker, to create the enchanting new single “If You Want Me To”!

Set to be released on May 29th, this upcoming single was recorded remotely from their respective home studios during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Following lockdown measures, the entertainment industry seemed to grind to an abrupt halt but – after initially grieving for the sudden loss of work – we realised that we had the means to continue content creation from home,” explained Clarkson. “We chose to release this track now with the intention of lifting the nation’s mood during the pandemic.”

Louise elaborated, “After being friends online for a number of years, Joey and I wrote ‘If You Want Me To’ on the day we first met face-to-face. Unfortunately, we didn’t get chance to record the number prior to lockdown, so we laid down a demo remotely. Listening back, we realised the drum loop was reminiscent of the soundtrack from Disney’s The Princess Diaries; it transpired the film had been a childhood favourite for both of us and decided – there and then – that the track would be produced in the same style.”

This upcoming single is a feel-good uptempo anthem that beautifully combines Joey & Louise’s harmonies together to create a captivating song that you could happily listen to over & over again.

This track features a variety of magical elements that transport you through a mysterious musical journey that you will be more than happy to explore.
With every listen, you are able to hear something new & discover more characteristics within the song that allow you to feel a deeper connection.

The song flawlessly reflects these two talented artist’s charismatic personalities & blends their unique musical styles together to produce a memorable single that you will be instanly adding to your playlist.

UPDATE: You can now check out the song on Spotify below.

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