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Review: Becky Lawrence Releases The Brand New Single “Empty Friendships”!

Country music sensation Becky Lawerence has released the brand new single titled “Empty Friendships”!

Co-written alongside David Griffin, this latest release is an emotive country ballad that focuses on the harsh reality of discovering that someone who you considered a close friend isn’t the person you thought you knew.

This song perfectly reflects the raw-beauty within Becky’s soulful vocals & presents her with the opportunity to deliver a heartfelt performance that can connect with listeners on a personal level.

Becky is a musician who carries a heartfelt artistic gift that will take her far within her career. The way she continually produces songs that are full of personality & sentiment is a statement to her natural talent.

You can check out “Empty Friendships” on Spotify below or on Apple Music, Deezer, or Google Play by clicking here.





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