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Review: Shannon Hynes Set To Release The Brand New Single “COUNTRY WORDS”!

Rising country singer-songwriter Shannon Hynes is set to release the brand new single titled “COUNTRY WORDS” on the 22nd May 2020.

Speaking about her upcoming single, Shannon said ‘COUNTRY WORDS’ is a no frills, exactly what it says on the tin, song. I was having trouble with someone I was working with at the time, myself not generally being a forthright person when it comes to situations such as this, I turned to songwriting. It got me thinking back to some of the classic, incredibly strong, sassy songs that the likes of Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn released back in the day, most notably and a favourite of mine ‘Fist City’.’

This single is a sassy mid-tempo country number that shines a light on the passionate energy within Shannon’s vocals & highlights the powerful creativity that this artist possesses.

The song features a catchy & memorable flow that immediately captures your full attention & allows you to feel a sense of the fiery energy behind the lyrics.

Shannon has delivered a flawless musical piece that showcases the charismatic nature behind her unique artistic talent & highlights the raw-purity that she holds.

The link for “COUNTRY WORDS” will be add to the review on the day of release.





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