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Review: The Fatherline Set To Release The Brand New Single “This Work Is A Drug”!

Photo: The Fatherline Facebook.

Upcoming alternative-Americana band The Fatherline made waves last year with their debut single “Before The Trend Sets In”.

Now, this talented group are back with their charismatic & ear-capturing musical talent, to release the brand new single “This Work Is A Drug” on May 1st.

Speaking about their upcoming release, Tim Prottey-Jones said “The song is about being addicted to the life of being a musician. No matter how many setbacks we have, we are obsessed enough to carry on, taking more and more knocks and rejections. And yet, we wouldn’t have it any other way. I think this will resonate with a lot of people. We all have our vices…this is ours.”

This upcoming release is an alternative ballad that builds throughout to reflect the raw emotion behind the lyrics, which engages your full attention from the very first listen.

The song highlights the creativity behind the group & allows them to experiment with the emotive energy that the lyrics contain & build onto it with every verse.

The delivery of this track is a true statement to the talent behind the group & features all the elements to create a composition of music that has the power to take them to great heights.

You can check out the song on Spotify below.



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