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Review: Au/Ra Releases The Brand New Single “Ideas”!

Singer/songwriter Au/Ra has just released the highly anticipated single titled “Ideas”!

This latest release begins with a subtle atmospheric backing track that gradually builds into a mid-tempo electro-pop anthem that features haunting & mesmerising elements, which perfectly parallel the synonym of not feeling that you are in control of your thoughts.

The message behind the lyrics focuses on the effects you experience when someone you deeply care for is trying to play mind-games with your thoughts & emotions.

Au/Ra delivers a sensational vocal experience that captures the captivating elements behind the lyrics & carries the emotions directly over to the listeners.

The song projects a captivating nature that showcases the unique & charismatic qualities that Au/Ra possesses, which presents listeners with the chance to feel a personal sense of engagement from the very first listen.

You can check out “Ideas” on Spotify below.





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