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Review: KEiiNO & Electric Fields Join Forces For “Would I Lie”!

Bringing us the duet we never knew we needed, Norweigan supergroup KEiiNO has teamed-up alongside Australian duo Electric Fields to release the brand new single “Would I Lie”!

This latest track combines both of these talented act’s unique musical styles to create a powerhouse pop-anthem that instantly captures your full attention.

The song brings together a variety of musical elements that help to define the originality behind both of these incredible groups & allow listeners a chance to see more from the artist’s behind the music.

Each artist brings a natural character-filled quality that brings the enchanting elements behind the song to life & allows them to deliver a passionate filled performance that you can easily listen to over & over again.

If you are looking for a song full of catchy-exquisite elements, then I guarantee that this is the perfect song for you!

You can check out “Would I lie” on Spotify below.

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