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Review: Fiona Harte Releases The Brand New Single “At The Hotel”!

Rising folk singer-songwriter Fiona Harte has released the brand new single titled “At The Hotel” under EMI UK.

Speaking about her latest release, Fiona states “the track tells a story of someone trying to take the good from a bad situation, remembering the better times of a relationship instead of focusing on the pain”. 

This stunning track combines elements of folk & country that help’s to highlight the raw-natural tone behind Fiona’s sublime vocals, which allows this musician the chance to bring the emotion behind the lyrics to life.

The song captures the underlining beauty behind Fiona’s musical talent & showcases the sheer purity within her creative abilities.

I believe that Fiona has an exciting musical talent that has the ability to create a massive impact on the music scene & would not be surprised to see this artist becoming a future household name.

You can check out “At The Hotel” on Spotify below.




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