Interview: Two Ways Home Discuss Their Brand New Album ‘Break The Silence’!

Photo: Two Ways Home Facebook.

Singer/songwriting duo Isabella Mariee and Lewis Fowler aka Two Ways Home, recently released their brand new album titled ‘Break The Silence’ on the 28th February.

Now, this talented duo have taken the time to speak with Fierce & Fabulous Revolution about their debut album. Check out what they had to say below.

Hiya Isabella & Lewis, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. Can you start by telling us a little bit about yourself?

Isi & Lewis: Hi there, we have very different backgrounds. Isabella in from Vienna, Austria and grew up in a beautiful, busy city where as Lewis is from a tini village in the Cotswolds. Both of us moved to London to study music and that is how we met.

How did the idea to create the duo Two Ways Home come together? 

Isi & Lewis: Two Ways Home started in 2014 after we started writing songs together and found our love for harmonies. We had been in other bands together before, but a trip to Nashville in 2012 really made us want to pursue the folky/country root and then Two Ways Home was born. 

How would you describe your musical style to someone who is not familiar with your work?

Isi & Lewis: We always describe our music as folk-rock with a country twist, but for someone who doesn’t know what that means you could compare our sound to Mumford and Sons mixed with Fleetwood Mac(Rumors) and a bit of the Eagles thrown in.

You recently released the brand new album ‘Break The Silence’, how did the idea to create this album come together?

Isi & Lewis: Break the Silence is our debut album! After we realised 3 EPs we felt like it was time for a complete body of work. It is super exciting to finally put out 10songs that we have been working on for the past two years. To make the Album we did a crowdfunding campaign, raising just over £10,000. It was great to see that our fans, friends and families where so happy to help us complete the record.

What are some of the biggest influences behind this album?

Isi & Lewis: Like with all our songs the biggest influence is life in general. We really enjoy sitting in cafes, people watching! All the songs on the album have a personal connection and the stories are often extensions of real life situations that one of us or a co-writer has gone through. Musically you can hear some classic rock influences as well as some more modern keys parts. 

Which songs would you class as your personal favourites from this latest release? 

Isi: I feel like this always changes. At the moment I love Standing Still and The Ocean.

Lewis: I really gravitate to Prove Me Wrong as I get to play a hefty guitar solo, but also always love Out on the Road.

What message would you like listeners to take away from the album itself?

Isi & Lewis: Hopefully a positive one. With songs like Broken Hearts Club and Conquer the World saying we are all in this together and we can get through this! Finishing with The Ocean which is about freeing yourself from a toxic relationship. Some of the songs evoke some deeper thinking and some are there to make us feel better. All in all we hope that the listener feels uplifted.

How would you describe the creative process behind this album compared to your previous releases? 

Isi & Lewis: To be honest it has been very similar to our previous releases with the one difference which was how long the album was actually finished before we presented it to the world! Normally we were always rushing to meet deadlines but with this one we really took our time and made sure not to rush when it came to the final details! This made the creative process a little more free and we weren’t scared to experiment with new sounds and sonic qualities.

When you are not performing, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Isi & Lewis: Well, as we are literally not aloud to play shows because of the virus epidemic we have shifted to online concerts which have been really fun because they are super interactive with people asking questions and us being able to answer them in real time. We have started a live at 5 series which is on Facebook and Instagram every Saturday at 5pm(UK time)! Other then playing our own music Isi enjoys painting and Lewis loves playing guitar and producing tracks for other artists and also; he loves cooking. 

Finally, is there anything you would like to say to the readers of Fierce & Fabulous Revolution?

Isi & Lewis: We hope you are all keeping safe! Remember we are always live at 5(GMT) on Saturdays for the foreseeable future, hopefully we will see a few of you tuning in. You can find our music and info at : and come join us on social media @TwoWaysHome ! 

You can find ‘Break The Silence’ on Spotify below.





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