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Review: Hanne Leland Releases The Brand New Single “Out Of My Mind”!

Norwegian electro-pop singer & songwriter Hanne Leland has released the brand new single “Out Of My Mind”!

This latest release is a mid-tempo electro-pop track that focuses on the fears & insecurities that we all face & how we sometimes wish we could pause time to reflect on the journey we have taken so far.

Hanne delivers an emotive vocal performance that highlights the raw elements behind the lyrics of this highly relatable track, which offers listeners the chance to feel a genuine connection from the very first listen.

The lyrics allow us to see & feel the pure energy behind Hanne’s musical talent while offering us a glimpse at the person behind the music.

This single features a captivating quality that will easily connect with audiences alike. I would not be surprised to see this single taking great heights in the music scene shortly.

You can check out “Out Of My Mind” on Spotify below.





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