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Review: Zoe Wakelam Releases The Brand New Single “Clumsy”!

London based independent singer/songwriter Zoe Wakelam has released the brand new single titled “Clumsy”!

With previous singles “1815″ & “Thornless Rose” under her belt, Zoe is back with the vibrant & catchy track “Clumsy”, which features a cluster of unique & quirky instrumentation that reflects the artist behind the music. 

Speaking about her latest release, Zoe said “Sometimes I can feel like I’m the only clumsy person I know. Out of desperation to not fit the blonde stereo type, I wrote ‘Clumsy’ in the hopes a brunette would start singing it back to me from the back of the room.

She continues “All of the lyrics in this song are based off of true moments of clumsiness; I really did blow my tea so hard it splashed all over the carpet and my crush. Recently a lovely blue-haired fan spilled red wine on me at my gig, so I feel a bit better now.”

This latest single features a feel-good energy that instantly captures your full attention & draws you into the vibrant spirit that flows within the characteristics of the lyrics.

Zoe delivers a stunning vocal display that showcases the distinct elements behind her charismatic voice, which presents listeners with the chance of seeing more from the artist behind the music.

You can check out “Clumsy” on Spotify below.




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