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Review: Amsi Releases The Official Video For “I Don’t Want To Be Here”!

New York songstress Amsi, has released the official video for her latest single “I Don’t Want To Be Here”!

Speaking about her latest release, Amsi said “It’s about being in love with someone who is far away from you and the only thing you can think about is being with them.”

She continued “Sometimes, saying it out loud is what it takes because it helps to release all that negative energy so that you can take a step forward.”

The song carries a pure emotive texture that showcases the delicate undertones behind Amsi’s beautiful vocals, which enhances the heartfelt energy that flows within the captivating lyrics.

The official video perfectly parallels the narrative behind the lyrics, which allows you to engage with the emotional essence behind the song.
Amsi presents a sentimental performance throughout the video that highlights the moving textures within the song & showcases her musical talent.

You can check out the official video below.





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