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Review: Aksel Kankaanranta Releases The Brand New Single “Looking Back”!

Rising musician Aksel Kankaanranta has released the brand new single “Looking Back” ahead of his participation in UMK20!

Talking about his latest single, Aksel said “The song’s about how it’s so hard to live in the moment, and how we set these milestones in our lives, and once we reach them, they can feel very insignificant”.

This latest release highlights the delicate elements within Aksel’s soothing & moving vocals, which help’s this gifted artist to deliver an emotive performance that brings the lyrics behind the song to life. 

Aksel’s vocals perfectly parallel the emotional energy that features within this gripping ballad & projects the sentiment onto listeners. 

I believe that this song has given Aksel the chance to express his musical talent & will be very interested to see his live performance in UMK.

You can check out “Looking Back” on Spotify below.




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