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Review: Erika Vikman Releases The New Single “Cicciolina”!

Musician Erika Vikman has released the brand new single “Cicciolina” ahead of her participation in UMK20!

Speaking about her latest release, Erika said “I am a huge fan of strong independent women. I saw a documentary about Cicciolina and fell in love immediately! I love her attitude, she is full of feminity and enjoys it. For me, Cicciolina is a symbol of freedom, courage and self-confidence. The world needs more people like her!”.

This latest single presents Erika with the chance to deliver a passionate & charismatic performance that showcases her creative musical style.

Erika expresses a vibrant vocal display the highlights the sassy & thrilling components behind her extraordinary voice, which help’s to build on the energetic elements behind this catchy track. 

I believe that Erika has a stand out performance planned for UMK & I can’t wait to see what she brings to the stage!

You can check out the song below!




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