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Review: Tryt0n Releases “Midnight Walk”!

Upcoming electronic artist & masked producer Tryt0n has released the single titled “Midnight Walk”!

The focus behind this single is “the way emotions can double at night when feeling down to the point where we’re questionning about our very own existence.”

This single help’s to showcase Tryt0n’s musical abilities & allows him the chance to express his vibrant artistic style.

Combining melodic dubstep & EDM this track delivers an energetic current that captures the emotive meaning behind the song & allows this artist the chance to communicate the story to his audience.

You could easily listen to this track for hours on end, so you might want to make sure you clear some time in your schedule before you check it out. You can’t say I didn’t warn you.

You can listen to “Midnight Walk” on Spotify below.



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