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Review: Tika Releases The Brand New Single “I Let My Heart Break”!

Rising musical sensation & winner of the X-Factor Finland 2018 Tika has released the brand new single “I Let My Heart Break” ahead of participation in UMK20.

Speaking about her latest release, Tika said “The song is about letting you heart break, without breaking yourself. (Almost)Everyone has a history of a broken heart, whether it’s from love or a loved one passed away, so you can really relate.”

She continued “The lyrics ‘I need to let it out to feel alive again, I let my heart break’ sums up the whole song and feeling of the song in a very good way.

This latest release presents Tika with a golden opportunity to deliver a heartfelt & passionate performance that showcases the dramatic power-house vocals that she possesses.

The song is full of heart-warming sentiments that everyone can relate to, which allows you to feel a pure instant connection to the story behind the song.

I believe that this song has the potential to reach great heights within the global music scene & would not be surprised to see it creating a massive impact very shortly.

You can check out “I Let My Heart Break” below.




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