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Review: Ventresca Releases Official Video For “Craving”!

Upcoming Canadian songstress Ventresca has released the official video for the catchy pop anthem “Craving”!

This single received the attention of former Sony, Arista recording artist/composer Cindy Valentine, turned manager for The Star Groomer and A&R for Play & Oracle Records who immediately signed her.

The song features an infectious rhythmic backing track that highlights the delicate textures behind this artist’s passionate vocals.

The official video follows Ventresca directing her attention towards the person she knows is no good for her through a variety of close up, mid, & medium-long shots, which help to create a personal & connecting engagement with the audience.

This video also uses a variety of light & dark colour palettes that perfectly represent the contrast of craving something you know you shouldn’t have.

Overall, I believe that this talented artist has the potential to reach incredible heights with her creative musical career. A name to be watching out for during 2020!

You can check out the official video below.



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