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Release: Late July Release The Brand New Single “Calling To The Moon”!

Singer-songstress Nicole Simone aka Late July has released the brand new single “Calling To The Moon”!

This latest release begins with Late July singing lush and airy vocals of ​two strange, other worldly individuals coming together. The ​rush of adrenaline and euphoria​ that follows after matching each other’s energy. Reminiscent of the ‘80s, she utilizes a melody suited for Stranger Things and a fury of orchestral background tones. “Calling To The Moon” includes a mixture of electronic pop piano, live trumpets, and guitar tunes, eventually fading out lightly.

Beginning her singer/songwriter career after sustaining aninjury during a traumatic accident as a child. She was left with a crushed vocal box that lefther vocal cords permanently damaged. Six weeks after the accident, she made the decision to takevocal lessons in order to partially restore her voice. Soon after, she became self-taught on severalmusical instruments such as the guitar and piano.

Although Late July’s music career began at an early age, she found her true sound in her 2017 EP,Marathon​. Soon after she fell ill, she was diagnosed with a life-threatening adrenal disease that almost took her life. Music helped her cope with healing and living with a critical illness. Now embracing a diverse range of instruments, depth, and nostalgia from previous musical periods, Late July has released five singles this past year leaving a unique imprint with each release.

Outside of music, Late July has dedicated her time to running Canada’s largest independent dogadoption and rescue agency, Redemption Paws. As a result of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, her organization became the first dog rescue in the world that focuses on dogs impacted by climatechange and has now rescued over 1,000 dogs since the start. She continues to use her platform toshed light on these worldly issues of animal welfare and health initiatives.

After listening to this latest release, I believe that this artist delivers an emotive performance that showcases her charismatic musical style & highlights the unbelievable talent that she possesses.

This song is a shining example of the artistic nature behind this gifted musician & presents listeners with an opportunity to see more from the person behind the music.

You can check out “Calling To The Moon” on Spotify below.



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