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Review: Dustin Chapman Set To Release The Brand New Single “701”!

Rising country singer/songwriter Dustin Chapman is set to release the brand new single “701” on December 18th 2019.

Speaking about his upcoming release, Dustin said “This is a song that I personally believe many people can relate to. I wrote this song for my mother as I was all the way across the east coast hours and hours away from home receiving medical treatment for a rare disease called Achalasia. It came from a place of wanting her to know I was going to be okay no matter what circumstance I face, and along the way it turned into a song that highlights the fears along with the ambitious feelings that many feel when they realize they must leave home to follow their dreams.”

This upcoming release features an emotive acoustic country backing track that captures the soulful elements behind this artist’s heavenly vocals.

Dustin delivers a majestic performance that showcases his emotional & creative musical talent, which allows listeners to engage with the heartfelt undertone that features throughout this incredible single.

Until the release, you can find Dustin’s previous singles on Spotify below.

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