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Fierce & Fabulous Revolution’s Top 100 Songs From 2019 – Part One!

With the year (and decade) slowly coming to a close, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane & look back at 100 amazing songs to have been released during 2019!

In this 10 part series, Fierce & Fabulous Revolution will be sharing 100 of the most incredible musical numbers to have been released during the past 12 months.

Just a quick note, this is just my opinion & several incredible songs have missed out on a spot (Sorry people!). So please don’t be mad if you don’t find your favourite song included.

So without any further or do. Here are the first set of songs to be featured on Fierce & Fabulous Revolution’s top 100 songs from 2019. Enjoy!

Sarah Jeffery – Queen Of Mean

Jonas Brothers – Sucker

Ava Max – So Am I

Luca Hänni – She Got Me

Elizabeth Gerardi – October

Neoni – Empire

Sheppard – On My Way

Danielle Bradbery – Blackout

Kalsey Kulyk – More Time

The Script – The Last Time

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