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Review: Hailey Miller Releases The Brand New Single “Boy Toy”!

Upcoming pop-country music sensation Hailey Miller has released the brand new single titled “Boy Toy”!

This latest pop-country anthem focuses on a boy who concentrates more on his own needs & can’t figure out why the person he is seeing doesn’t want to be second best their whole life & put up with the constant lies that he delivers.

Speaking about her new release, Hailey said “This is a song every girl can relate to. After hearing one too many stories about the same ‘boy’ from my girlfriends, a first hand experience caused me to pen ‘Boy Toy’. It’s about the type of guy, all of us ladies have come across, who says one thing, but does another and thinks it’s not terribly obvious that their actions don’t match their words. It’s almost comical – and sometimes you just have to laugh it off. Or sing it off in this case! ”

She continues “Hint: He doesn’t want to be your boyfriend, he just wants to be your boy toy!”

Hailey presents a spectacular vocal performance that highlights the perfect balance between sweet & sassy, which help’s to showcase the charismatic energy that features through the entire duration of this catchy release.

The song is a perfect reflection of the creative musical talent that we have come to see from this gifted artist. It also allows her the chance to deliver an expressive performance that listeners can easily listen to on repeat.

You can check out “Boy Toy” on Spotify below.

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